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Edgewood Bark Park

History of the Park


The Greyhounds have been coming to the park for over 20 years. It was the desire of Edgewood Church to change the way it was being used to better serve the community. In 2018, it was decided that the field would be converted into a dog park. With the help of the Greyhound group, the Boy Scouts and church members the park was established. It is a work in progress so help is always welcomed.


In keeping with tradition the Greyhounds still meet weekly, and only the Greyhounds are allowed into the park during this time. In the spring after DST their time is Saturdays between 5:45 pm and 7:15pm and in the fall after the time changes their reserved time is 2:45 pm til 4:15pm. Please respect these times and plan your visit at another time.


How You can Help

Edgewood Church owns and maintains this property and supplies the water. Donations are always welcome to help with water bill, repairs, upkeep and enhancements. If you would like to donate you can do so by sending a check payable to Edgewood Church at 107 Meadow Wood Dr Greenville, SC 29615 or you can donate using PAYPAL by clicking the Donate button on our Home page.


If you have ideas or suggestions or if you have a particular project you would like to fund, please contact us at: or visit our Facebook page

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Edgewood Bark Park is a ministry of Edgewood Church. We ask that you follow these guidelines so that everyone can enjoy spending their time here:



  1. Always be kind and respectful to others and their pets.

  2. You are personally responsible for your own behavior and that of your dog(s). Owners should be within the dog park (fenced area/adjacent parking lot only) and supervising their collared dog(s) with a leash readily available.

  3. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and should NOT approach any dog without permission from owner. Extra caution should be used if you bring small children in the park.

  4. Dogs must be current on shots (rabies/DHLPP).

  5. Please clean up poop and dispose of in the provided receptacle.

  6. Please keep your dog(s) leashed upon entering and exiting for their safety; and make sure both gates are closed properly.

  7. Owners must immediately leash dogs showing aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs.

  8. Food and drink are not allowed in the park. Water buckets and water are supplied on the grounds for dogs. No picnics/parties/glass bottles. When using water, make sure it is turned off when you are finished.

  9. No alcohol, vaping, drug usage or smoking is allowed on the property.

  10. No fireworks are permitted on the property.

  11. Be respectful of how long you stay in the park. Limit your visit to 30—45 minutes.

  12. If you bring balls, toys, etc. be sure to take them back with you and dispose of damaged toys.

  13. The dog park is open from dawn to dusk most days. It is closed on Sunday mornings between 10 and 11 am for our church service which you are more than welcome to attend. Our service offers a relevant biblical message and modern live band. From time to time, the park may also be closed for other church events which you are welcome to attend. For your safety, the park is also closed when grass is being mowed.


Everyone is welcome but we do reserve the right to ban any individual (s) who choose(s) not to follow these guidelines.


Edgewood Church is not responsible for any incidents that may occur on the grounds. Owners are legally and financially responsible for themselves and their pet(s).

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